Monday, September 12, 2011

Lorri Hafer & HaferHouse of Jazz - "Keeping Live Jazz Alive"

Greetings Jazz Lovers! 

             I've got some fantastic news about jazz music being presented during the month of September 2011.  Are you familiar with Lorri Hafer, Mike Hafer and Paul Hafer?  Well, if you're not, let me fill you in.  Lorri is a "hip" jazz vocalist who comes at you out of the Great American Song-Book.  Mike is her husband and her pianist.  Mike is cool and can play just about anything.  In all my dealings with him over the last six years, I've never seen him stumped about a piece of music.  Same thing goes for Lorri and Mike's talented son Paul, who knows how to lay out some neat chords for mom and dad. 

            For those of you who have not had the opportunity to hear the HaferHouse Jazz group, you've got an opportunity this month to do so.  The Al Downing Tampa Bay Jazz Association, Inc. is presenting the group on Sunday, September 18, 2011 at the Catherine Hickman Theater.  There's lots of free parking, and it's a comfortable venue to hear some great music.  I whole heartedly recommend that you mark your calendar to attend this concert on that date.

               Below I've taken the liberty to write a few phrases about Lorri, who I refer to as my younger sister.  In fact, this BLOG will be a surprise to her, Mike and Paul.  I'm hoping it'll help to fill the house on that very special Sunday.  So please get out and support not only Lorri, but also the Al Downing Jazz group.  Collectively, we've got to keep this music alive. 

               Anyway, here's a little information about my younger sister Lorri.  Hope you enjoy it, and gives you sufficient information that whets your jazz taste buds and steers you to the concert.
               Vocalist Lorri Hafer is a believer in the Great American Popular Songbook.  She shares a timeless wealth of material and presents it with spirit and feeling; her interpretations have a personal and soulful ring.  She delivers her tunes in just the right volume and vigor to reach all listeners. She digs into her warm and melodic lower ranges, mixed with her own jazz smarts, and sings in a no-nonsense manner. She truly makes the tunes breathe.
            Lorri beyond doubt swings on up-tempo tunes and possesses a great choice of ballads. Her vocal interpretation of jazz material and the quality of her presentation gives her performances lots of sass, but yet still bringing out all of its nuances.

             In the last several years, I have attempted to promote Lorri Hafer in concert as often as possible.  With her fan following, each concert has been a successful one. It won’t be long before someone in the record (CD) industry grabs her up and takes her National. 

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